Our Story

Brian Hollenbeck:


It’s safe to say I was bitten by the music bug at a very early age. My home growing up was filled with music and many of my earliest memories are around music. As a kid in the 70’s I remember lying on the living room floor (yes it was shag carpet) in front of the “hi-fi” speakers and asking my mom to play different records by people like Three Dog Night, The Beatles, Foreigner and many others. Later I discovered KISS, then Zeppelin and that was it…there was no turning back. I dreamed of getting to sing and play in front of people. I joined my first bar band at the age of 15 and have had the privilege of playing on different stages across North America for more than 25 years. I jumped at the chance to be a part of this band and play this great music!

Tim Sweet:


My dad used to take me to see live music when I was in elementary school. Piano players, solo performers and full bands. I loved it. He supported me greatly and always encouraged practice and training. My parents let me start my first band in 7th grade in our basement. Mostly we were just loud. The 70's Magic Sunshine Band is my favorite era of music and I'm having a ball playing this. It's probably one of the more challenging genres I've taken on.


Aaron Carlson:

St. Cloud

Aaron "Ace" Carlson has been around music his whole life.  His parents exposed him to many styles and artists growing up and have always been extremely supportive. Aaron has had the pleasure of playing music for over 30 years as a member of such projects as Confusion, Must Be Red, Push, Obsession X, The Bad Animals - a tribute to Heart, Righteous Satellite, Platinum FM, Pandemic, And ARP.  He has shared the stage with many national recording artists including: Ratt, Tesla, Firehouse, Eddie Money, John Fogerty, Grand Funk Railroad, Night Ranger, Kiss, Heart, Foghat, and Peter Frampton. In addition to Bass guitar, Aaron is also an accomplished guitar player, keyboardist, and lead & background vocalist. His strong basslines and soaring harmonies make him an integral part of The 70s Magic Sunshine Band and he's very happy and humbled to have the opportunity to play with some of the finest musicians, and greatest group of bandmates anyone could hope for.

Kevin Lenhart:
Edina via Cleveland, OH
I'm really digging the subtleties, dynamics and swing of this timeless 70's music. The music really brings me back to my roots learning the drums and playing in big bands at The University of MN and The McDonald's All Star Big Band. Reintroducing this music live has been a real treat. Whether The 70's Magic Sunshine Band is performing for twenty-somethings who recognize this music through pop culture, their parents and grandparents, or playing for the crowd who has grown up with this era's music, you will see smiles on everyone's faces, the dance floor moving and screams of excitement at the begging of a favorite 70's gem from the past. 

Mike Fishel:


Mike’s lifelong passion for music has led to performances across the USA, including mountain ski resorts, cruise ships to Europe and Caribbean island tours. He has been privileged to play in recording sessions, dinner theaters and churches. Mike has performed in opening acts and as a backing band member for a number of National touring artists.